Jeffrey's Sex Slave | ➖

Jeffrey's Sex Slave | ➖

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🌸🐰 Yumi 🐰🌸 By pecksniff Updated Jul 11, 2017

"Baby... Did you know..." Jeff slowly said, leaning down and abusing my neck. "...that you have Stockholm Syndrome?" He whispered the last part, making eyes slightly widen. He only chuckled and held me tighter, grabbing one of my arms. 

"Huh...?" I looked down at his hand to see he was holding some sort of needle. 

It had the same green liquid I saw the other day. 

"Jeff, w-what are you-?" I tried crawling away, but he plunged the needle into my arm before I could even breathe. Before my eyes closed, I felt Jeff place a soft kiss on my forehead, soothingly scratching my scalp. 

"I love you, princess. Sweet dreams..."

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addieisawesome1 addieisawesome1 Aug 02, 2017
Im 11 in not going too scar myself for life so u wont see me again
svicblejds svicblejds May 09, 2017
How to get in trouble when no one ever touched my phone? If he/she did id burn him
Lauren_GuiDevRi Lauren_GuiDevRi Nov 16, 2017
I am 11  just turned 11 a few says ago. LETS DO THIS.
                              My childhood's been ruined a long time ago dont worry XD
TotalFreakingFangirl TotalFreakingFangirl Mar 23, 2017
                              Mg gf and I have a friend named Jefffery and I saw this on her reading list XDD
xxxdaddylia xxxdaddylia Mar 20, 2017
Eh I got the dick already so she'll be fine if she lurks through my phone and sees this
CallMePrettyWeeABoo CallMePrettyWeeABoo Jul 24, 2017
Ugh.  Why am I even?  I havent actually read a fanfic since I was 13 I'm 21 one now.  *laughs while crying* Here we goooo