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Petty Wap By hopesashes Updated 3 days ago

The spotlight was never my thing; it wasn't his either until he had no choice.
He was under it and I was left behind.

That was the past, ours, in a small town named Kinston where we buried everything before we left, our pain, struggles, memories, feelings and us.

He's Brandon Ingram and I'm Kesi Bledsoe.

Once fast friends, shortly lovers.

Later nothing, distanced, lost, left behind.

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iamnijell iamnijell Jul 02, 2017
i be standing up talm bout sum 
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I didn't even get mined yet and im already ready for them to come off
XLZAXx XLZAXx Oct 19, 2017
Finally my city ....like Indianapolis is never mentioned like dang
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Hello my name is Trevon and u r now watching Disney channel😞🙏
Starlestiale Starlestiale Jul 22, 2016
My name is Naruto, I am 12 years old, believe it, I like ramen, my hobbies are comparing different flavors or Ramen. I hate the 3 minutes it take to boil ramen and my dream is to be Hokage. BELIEVE IT.