Pale Faces & New Places || Damon Salvatore

Pale Faces & New Places || Damon Salvatore

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Lady Red By Lou_louxoxo Completed

Eleanor Mae Swan - informally known as Ellie by her friends - has always been the "ugly" twin compared to her sister Bella. Bella didn't even have to try, not for anything, and everyone liked her. Despite her socially awkwardness. 

But Eleanor had to work for everything, and she wasn't the favourite child. She wore glasses for most of her freshman year in high school, and didn't wear the same clothes as her sister. 

But now Eleanor is coming to Forks, to live with her dad and sister, (after a minor complication with a few vampires she'd met in Mystic Falls whole she was with her mother and step-dad) and suddenly the ugly duckling is no longer the ugly twin.

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xxamberkatexx xxamberkatexx Jun 21, 2017
wish i was just beautiful it would save a lot of time in the morning 😂😂
vanpirelover14 vanpirelover14 Aug 01, 2016
Thank u I hope u get to update soon again I really do like this book and can't wait for future chapters
vanpirelover14 vanpirelover14 Jul 22, 2016
Plz update this is an amazing start to the story and in really looking forward to the rest
ForeverandAlways71 ForeverandAlways71 Feb 23, 2017
*Le gasp* You just made it clear that Bella is the Elena of Twilight good job
surgerlips surgerlips Jan 04, 2017
The vampires from the vampire diaries don't need those there pretty much look and feel alive those go to the cold ones