Ocean's Daughter

Ocean's Daughter

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A. Ananya By ananya9302 Updated Aug 14

What would happen if Percy Jackson would be a daughter of the sea God?

I'll name her Pearl Jackson.

Take a regular American Teenager. Add in a couple hundred monsters, Greek myths, weapons, amazing friends, and a bucket load of sarcasm and sass. You get Pearl. 

Go on and read about her adventures.

Read on to find out what would have happened in my world of crazy fanfics. 

I know this is not what happens in the actual Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus, but hey this is a fanfiction, where things are rarely what exactly happens in the actual book.

So Rick Riordan is awesome and everything but I'm just borrowing his characters for a ride and and a few other stuff, nothing can compare with his amazing stories.

So here you go......... Hope you like it....

                              But thank the gods for you not going with the Perci (short for Persephone) route that everyone else takes.
ananya9302 ananya9302 Jul 21, 2016
This was just the prologue of sorts....
                              Next chapter onwards, more activity........
pandahope31 pandahope31 Nov 30, 2016
Close your eyes
                              I know what you see
                              The darkness is high
                              And you're in ten feet deep
                              But we've survived more terrible monsters then sleep
                              And you know I will be here to tell you to breath!