Nerd In Disguise

Nerd In Disguise

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Shah By DreamySha Updated Jul 22, 2019

Elaina Morris, or known as The Nerd in school, isn't really the nerd when she's outside of school. Though the only person who knows that are Louisa Morris --- her twin sister, Arialyn and Max Scott --- her bestfriends. 

She doesn't like being the center of attention, but it seems different when she's outside doing the things no one would thought she will be doing. 

Life was life, pretty difficult to handle sometimes. But it seems a lot harder for Elaina when everything seems to be falling apart. Finding out the truth her Mother has kept from everyone for years, her boys drama and what seems to be her heart breaking into pieces everytime she's trying to fix it. But will she be able to put aside all her troubles and focus on the Mission she's been assigned to? Or will her heart gets in the way? 

Find out what happened in the story!