S-I-N, I, S-I-N || Priest!Gerard

S-I-N, I, S-I-N || Priest!Gerard

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'My parents must hate me, why else would I be sent to this hell hole?'

Elyria Colfort or better known by her nickname Lainey has pushed her parents beyond the point of no return. Raised in a restricting catholic household Lainey had never been given much of a chance to act like a teenager.

She gets good grades, doesn't date rebel biker boys or do copious amounts of drugs but occasionally she does what she has to do to stay sane in a house where you get a slap upside the head for saying damn.

She drinks occasionally, goes to a party now and then and goes to concerts with her friends. It was a concert that was the final straw for her parents.

After sneaking out to see her favorite band with her friends she comes home to find her parents waiting.
So what do they do when their child is listening to the 'devils music' (if you could call The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus devil music)?

They send her to a all girls christian boarding school in England. After arriving Lainey expects the school to be filled to the brim with snooty, up themselves private school girls...and she would be right about that but what happens when she meets her tour guide?

Enter Gerard Way, school priest, also according to every girl at Rosehill Academy 'the hottest human being in existence.'

At first Lainey thinks he just happens to be a very gorgeous but cliche goody two shoes priest. But she's wrong, there's more beyond a book than it's cover and the longer she spend at the school the more things she notices that are 'off' about him. She may just be seeing things though, he could actually be a really nice guy, then again maybe not.

So what is he? An angel? Or a bad, bad man?

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