Truculent Too [girlxgirl]

Truculent Too [girlxgirl]

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Centuries ago the males of the world were wiped out. Females rose up and banded together to destroy the male population. They were called the Supreme Feminists: Peijing Katz, Abidemi Ba, Imelda Diaz, Arctic Shackleton, Kristín Fuchs, and Bakana Nguyen were the leaders. The supreme of all SF who banded women together and dominated all was Artemis Pierce.

Artemis Pierce's bloodline was cherished and they lived like goddess' in this "Ultimate" world.

That is until the last known descendant, Cassandra Lavender Pierce disappeared while also taking the last descendant of Abidemi Ba, Renee, with her.

Living alone in a quiet town they hide a secret behind their gates. But as their secret gets bigger and bigger there's no way to stop it from getting out.

Especially when a girl sneaks in and takes it.

(This story is girlxgirl)

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seewhatsee seewhatsee Dec 27, 2017
oh woah i just re read 😂 i always thought they were intersex or something
BroWilliams BroWilliams Jan 14
Wow all males dead and feminism thats terrible thats a true hell
17fonge 17fonge Oct 26, 2016
Oh so she was a boy? I thought she was just born with a male and female body