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Redemption (Three's Allowed #4)

Redemption (Three's Allowed #4)

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Laura Harner By LauraHarner Updated Sep 08, 2016

Two's company. Three's a...temptation. A hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon isn't supposed to be an erotic adventure. Dr. 'Gabe' Gabriel is more than a little turned on by the young couple he meets on the trail but he doesn't do threesomes anymore. Someone always gets hurt. 

Not everything is what is seems and despite a close encounter of the intimate kind, Uriah and Diane are here for a reason. Leaving any possibility of romance behind, they head to the inner canyon and the isolation they need. 

Reunited by chance, the threesome's mutual attraction is hotter than the scorching Arizona desert in the middle of August. Still, secrets have a way of chilling the strongest passion, especially a secret holding a gun, and a heart cold enough to pull the trigger.

This is book #4 in the Three's Allowed Collection--be sure you are following me if you want to read the naughty parts. If it appears a chapter is missing or skipped, you need to follow me, THEN refresh or restart your application.

Plattepuss Plattepuss Jul 31, 2016
As usual I already own it, but as usual again I still will do the thing I always do which is read and star cause I love your work.
KaySetonks KaySetonks Jul 20, 2016
So the cast are assembling, unusual crew, but then, that is what you do best!   Lead on...eagerly awaiting this new and intriguing story!
chrissybabi chrissybabi Oct 21, 2016
I'm confused about the whole last section. Who is this Joe person and what is he going on about?
Emrika Emrika Jul 22, 2016
You should change the book's title to "three's" because right now it's "thee's" and it doesn't come up when you search "three's allowed". It would make it easier for your readers to find all the books in the series. Just a suggestion though. 😊
KaySetonks KaySetonks Jul 22, 2016
So now you are sharing your cabin for a night with a very drunk uriah, and a very miffed diana, both of whom you fancy gabe!   Though get the impressions things are not right between those two?