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(read Save My Soul for better understanding on a few chaps but it is not mandatory) 

Rache Melaku is what some people consider a bad ass but she doesn't see the things she does that way. She sees it as a way of expressing who she is. A protector and an artist. Her ways are what gets her sent to Miami to live with her older brother. She thinks he isn't as strict as her aunt so she can continue to be her but he dismisses that immediately. 

Jaheim Washington isn't popular at school. Majority of the people at school can't stand him because of his attitude. He likes to smoke, dance and chill with his homies, nothing more and nothing less. He couldn't give one fuck about school or girls for that matter. The only thing on his mind is making money from his art and love of dance and making sure he lives to see past 20. 

They say opposites attract but what about those who are just alike ... what happens to them?

I'm 16 and my curfew is 9:00 on weekdays and 12:00 on weekends
Get yo spirit fingers face ass on dont nobody want to hear that Monday morning my dude
amorshortyy amorshortyy Jul 15
Don't they have the same dad ? All of them except for Liane ?
QveenNellie QveenNellie Aug 08
These fourteen year olds mannnn
                              When I was 14 I had to be home b4 the streetlights come on. 7 the latest. Y'all parents be trippin
qveen_I qveen_I Aug 02
Lmao "this bîtch always talk 'bout ready to learn" I died bc hay sound just like my bestfriend 😂💀😂
My curfew depends on the people in with 😂. One time I got home at three something in the morning with my cousins😭. But they're known for being out late soo ig it was expected by m parents😬😂