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Highest Achievement - #7 in poetry [Oct 3, 2016]


It's delicate, but potent.
The pain from an old wound.
A twinge in your heart..
Far more powerful than memory alone

A feeling of a place
Where we...


-My thoughts. My words. You'll be charged before God if you copy so think before you do it. I can forgive anything but my poetry means THE WORLD to me. :)-

Publishing date [July 20, 2016]

victoiriem victoiriem Jan 04
This is awesome! Stunning, I have no words to describe your talent! Keep up the good work!
runnerforlife13 runnerforlife13 Nov 14, 2016
I love this piece it describes me perfectly. Thank you for commenting on my page. :)
alliated alliated Dec 05, 2016
I cannot wait to read more. I know that I am going to love this piece.
maryginn maryginn Dec 06, 2016
this is beautiful. i absolutely love the simplicity yet depth of your writing, keep it up! xx
Kteacup Kteacup Jan 01
This is absolutely stunning. Beautifully chosen words, that sounds and adds up to the meaning of the poem.
Padfoot621 Padfoot621 Nov 27, 2016
Omg!!! I just had to screenshot this and show it to my boyfriend and tell my friends what an amazing writer you are!!! :) <3