HHYL Fanfic - Reflection Of The Moon

HHYL Fanfic - Reflection Of The Moon

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Jing is the sun, shining with the brightest of radiance.
Lu Cang is only the moon. 
For the moon,  it is impossible to shine without the sun.  But for the sun, even without the moon, it still has a lot of stars by his side.

What will happen when the moon reduced to a mere shadow?

---For all your life,  it is already impossible for you to escape from my hands....... 

A HHYL fanfic.

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Thank you  for translation of this wonderful novel. Jing and lu are one of my favorite otp's.  These extra fanfic that you have written are wonderful. 💖
                              Sorry if you were unable to understand  the comment,  as it is not my first  language. 😢
                              But I really enjoyed it
Is there a specific order I have to read any hhyl novels in? What's ff3?
AkumaWint AkumaWint Oct 06, 2016
U U U r too cruel T^T  why did u do such kind of thing to my perfect couple?  My tears gonna fill the tunk  😭😭😭
secretflower05 secretflower05 Aug 15, 2016
AAAA When knowing you that would make new fiction for Jing and Lu Cang before, I can't help but excited for this one! 
                              More lovely fluffy sweet Jing and Lu Cang please!
itsjunglyyyyy itsjunglyyyyy Aug 15, 2016
I've been re-reading your fics since two weeks ago no break because I just can't escape T____T
TellThatGirl TellThatGirl Aug 15, 2016
then please don't let them go (Lu Cang and Jing) I love them to death just like you miss author~ 😍