Fragile Little Flame (Haylor)

Fragile Little Flame (Haylor)

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Swiftie Directioner By niallschonce03 Completed

She was immature.
 He was mature.

She saw her world in colors. 
The only color he saw were black and white.

She believed true love existed.
 He believed true love didn't existed.

Two polar opposite people collided, Two world's collided. Two POLAR OPPOSITE world's collided. A Contract holding them together.
Hatred sparked, love flashed between them. A little flame ignited the fire. Fire of love.


They say ' there is a thin line between hating and loving' 

I didn't realised when my hatred turned into love. Love for a Demon.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to his muscular body. Suddenly the electric shocks which I am used to it now ran through out my body.

"I hate you...Demon." I whispered softly, looking into his emerald eyes that i loved so much,as the stars shined above us.

"I hate you too...Alison." He said back with a smirk, his eyes saying otherwise. His smirk turning into a soft smile showing off his oh so glorious dimples which I fell in love with.

He leaned in to kiss and I met him halfway through it, embracing our lips in a heated, passionate kiss.

Guess this how you felt when you love,someone who you hated once.

*A Haylor Fanfiction*
Cover Credits: @-jiminlies

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Um... Oh idk a VERY famous singer who has sold millions of records
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havent open wattpad in awhile gotta reread cause i forgot the story shdjfjf
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Tbh this sounds very interesting and I would really love it if you update more often
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🎤now I'm lying on the cold hard ground OH OH🎤 ( i'm weird lol)