My Creature Mate

My Creature Mate

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al. By Mbalii Updated May 14

Book Two of the My Mate Series.


"What bullshit was that, Nathaniel? Was that supposed to make me fall in love with you? Accept the bond and screw the consequences?" Alessia spat, venomously.

"What? No. It was to prove to you that we have a bond."

"I don't even feel it when I look in your eyes, that's the golden rule isn't it?" She narrowed her eyes.

"For full werewolves, yes. But not hybrids like me." Nathaniel whispered.

"No," She shook her head, "No, your goddess must be some mother, mustn't she? You all bow down to her but look how she toys with you! Making you believe things that are popostrous! I can't be your mate, Nathaniel. Give it up."


Copyright © Mbalii 2016

Warning: Nate is unbelievably cute (ahaha) & Alessia is a little dark and conflicted.

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HBawesome123456789 HBawesome123456789 Sep 12, 2016
HER CHESTICLES ARE SHOWING (if you watch Miranda Sings, you'll understand
HBawesome123456789 HBawesome123456789 Sep 12, 2016
I'm so excited! I have three chapters to read. Let's hope I don't explode when I read all three!
Cain_Dragneel Cain_Dragneel Sep 04, 2016
This is a lovely book. It has its structure nicely done keep going
Cain_Dragneel Cain_Dragneel Sep 04, 2016
I'll be with you all the way Alessia is that right God I'm so sorry if it's wrong.