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Will you Remember me? »»Jimin x Reader««

Will you Remember me? »»Jimin x Reader««

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Jiminttrash By Jiminttrash Completed

What will happen when a promise gets brought up from the past after being forgotten over the course of 12 years?

Dubhkirby_ Dubhkirby_ Jan 08
I was more expecting the morning alarm thing to be 
                              BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH 
                              BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH
                              GOOD MORNING~
SugaOrSugar SugaOrSugar Dec 28, 2016
And now Ima reread this now that I know all of the GOT7 members 😎
lamzepailo lamzepailo Dec 06, 2016
HOW TF CAN YOU EVER FORGET JIMIN? Well I mean it has been 12 years he probably looks different
fluffyliljimin fluffyliljimin Dec 09, 2016
                              IM SO SORRY CHIMCHIM---I KNOW WE MADE A PROMISE,,,,,,,,GAAHHH IM HURT
My six years old self probably slapped herself.
                              The current me: Should I remember you?
                              Six year old self: *loud smack to the face*
But then again I can't remember what I did last week. Haha, I mean yesterday and for you to expect me to remember something from when I was six.... Boiii you asking for a miracle.