Blurring The Lines (BoyXBoy)

Blurring The Lines (BoyXBoy)

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Tory By tory_wright Updated Nov 06, 2013

Tyler Roberts and Damon Asher have been best friends for as long and they can remember. 

Both play football, both love being single and flirting with all the girls in school.

Damon is a huge player. He loves women. So when he starts dreaming of his best friend sexually he doesn't know what to do..,,

Tyler is a jock yes, but he doesn't like playing the field. He'd rather have a steady girlfriend. Someone he can love and treat like a princess. His momma raised him to be a gentleman. Unfortunately he hasn't found that special girl yet. 

When Damon starts acting weird around Ty he knows he has to find out what's wrong. But when he finally figures it will he handle it? Especially since he's also been feeling different around Damon lately....

Bruh i read the description and i was bought i am ready to enter the pussy of this book
This sounds EXACTLY like two guys in my grade. Same facial features, same social status, and they're SUPER close best friends. Now I can't stop thinking about it. :)
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Tbh I wouldn't shut up either if it meant making the country music less loud
HelpTheFandom HelpTheFandom Nov 09, 2015
*reads country music* *has difficulty breathing from horror*
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Reading these comments makes me feel lazy... I get up at 7:40 am and get out of the house at 8:12 am
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I wake at 7:30 in time for 8:30 and be there by 9:00. When the hell do you guys have to get to school if you wake at 4:30!?