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olivia ⭐️ By legally_blond Updated Nov 25, 2017

Summer always had a crush on Freddy, it started on the first day of sixth grade, and the obsession has grown ever since. Seventh grade come, Mr. Finn becomes their new teacher. The band starts. Summer's crush just grows as Freddy gets to be the rebellious drummer. Throughout the year, Summer tried to get Freddy to notice her,  he just didn't... Or for that matter didn't want to. 

Freddy has always been annoyed by Summer. He tried to act nice, but she was just so annoying. And to make matters worse, he knew that she had a crush on him. He knew he would never like her back, and the best way for her never to find out, was to ignore her. He always acted like a jerk around her. He made it very clear to Summer before the school year ended that she shouldn't call or text him. And lastly, she should leave him alone, not just over the summer, but for good.

Summer spent her summer at Camp for three weeks, meeting lots of great boys. But she still couldn't get over Freddy. Freddy has spent the summer up in Michigan with his Grandpa and Uncle. His feelings for Summer haven't changed, he still thinks she's annoying and wants to stay away. 

Eighth grade has finally arrived. Homeroom on the first day- Freddy, who was almost late, walks in to see a new student. 

Benjamin, or Ben, Salce. An new student accepted off the waiting list. Witty and Charming in a way that Freddy isn't. Dark brown hair to match his dark brown eyes. Shy at first, but great when you get to know him. Oh, and did I mention that he is also great at skateboarding. 

Summer is instantly head over heels in love when she laid her eyes on Ben. She instantly forgot about Freddy. Freddy should've been happy to get this nuisance disguised as a girl off his back.... but he's not as happy as you would think. In fact the more Summer likes Ben, the more Freddy starts liking Summer. Suddenly Freddy's the nuisance and Summer's the one being chased. The situation has flipped.


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MarinettexAdrien MarinettexAdrien Jul 22, 2016
I. LOVE. THIS!!! Seedy is goals but Freddy's being a total jerk. Update soon please!