Down But Not Dead

Down But Not Dead

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Kylee1104 By Kylee1104 Updated Nov 02

I couldn't believe it. When I needed the pack most, they abandoned me. I didn't mean to kill Donovan, it was not only self defense but also an accident, why don't they understand that? I called the one person I knew would understand.
He invited me over, completely understanding.
I had to watch several people I love die, before, during, and after the trials. Little did I know that some were still alive. Little did I know the surprises that would soon come, good and bad.

Okay, I know that summary was bad, but the actual story is better.

I do not own Teen Wolf or The Maze Runner.

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JennyWre JennyWre Oct 18
I didnt understand what he was saying at first and though "dude if you were willing to kill isnt that kinda worse?" And then i realised he meant that they where willling to get killed.