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Rescuing the Bulletproof Boy Scouts

Rescuing the Bulletproof Boy Scouts

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Jeonion squad By Jeonion-squad Updated Jul 15

I rested my hands behind my head as I eyed the girl in front of me. She was older, taller and had longer legs. She was pretty, and her hair was really straight. 
I hated her. 
"So i've been having staring contests with my cat since I was five, if you want to keep at this, i'm all for it but you're going down." I smiled slyly at her. 
"You are not in a position to joke." The girl snapped. "Honestly, i'm flattered I rattled the boys enough to call in a little girl for help."
I ran my tongue along my teeth as I smiled. "I'm not sure how flattered you'll be when I break your  face." I took a step towards her, the smile drowning from my lips. "Now do you want to let him go now, or after I set this place on fire?"
The girl grinned slowly, looking around the room, her eyes landing on a small boxing ring. "How about a deal, squirt?"  

The sequel of Assassinating the Bulletproof Boyscouts, A month after Titania disappeared from the life of BTS, they are still easily running the streets of Seoul. Their reputation has only gone up thanks to the three assassins, and caught the eyes of some power hungry underdog street gangs. Some more desperate then others to make a name for themselves. And if that means taking one the Bulletproof members for their own, then so be it.   
Getting on the bad side of BTS is like walking into a burning building. 
Kidnapping the boyfriend of the killer Hyena, well, 
You just stepped in front of a nuclear weapon.

memeses memeses Apr 25
i love this book. almost as much as i love the first one. it's pretty hard to beat the first one.