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Demi's Baby Girl

Demi's Baby Girl

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Kaiya By LovaticXHarmonizer Updated Jan 02

Skyler Ivan has know for three years that she is truly a girl, despite being born a boy. She loves the colors pink and purple, playing with dolls, cute outfits, skirts, dresses, and sparkly things, but her cruel caretakers at her orphanage, who believe that you can't change the gender you were born with, do not allow this and abuse Skyler on a daily basis. When Demi Lovato discovers that Skyler is getting abused, she is destined to get her out of that hellhole. What happens when Demi starts falling in love with the tiny tot and wants to adopt her? Will she be able to adopt Skyler and give her the life she so desperately deserves?

klassyklossy klassyklossy Sep 18, 2016
To make light of this dark situation, I will now sing Taylor Swift. NOW I'M LYING ON THE COLD HARD GROUND
demidevonnelovatic demidevonnelovatic Sep 05, 2016
It is such a life struggle to have to physically drag your finger across the screen to turn the alarm off, like why can't you just tap or scream at it to turn it off?
SnowSama_ SnowSama_ Aug 28, 2016
Please.. Please.. PLEASEEEEEEEE update!!' This is da bomb! I'm loving this book! And I'm about to beat the crap out of ms cate! Yay! Please update