The Mad Mistress

The Mad Mistress

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Janet By Cheshire_kitten132 Updated Feb 19, 2017

Madness, Madness, as they all fall down. There is nothing wrong with a little madness, but even a little madness can grow out of control. "Madder than the hatter himself," they whisper. Some even swear she's been to wonderland and had tea with the Queen of Hearts. They are right to say that she is mad, crazy, and even off-her-rocker. They were always right. Were. Until SHE got to them. Then, suddenly, they were no more.

She is known as the Mad Mistress, the Queen of Crazy. They have tried to catch her, to contain all her crazy before she ripped everyone to shreds, but they always failed. She wouldn't be caught unless she wanted to be. Packs, hordes, families, systems that have been there for ages, crumble before her. Everyone and everything eventually succumbs to her crazy.

The Mad Mistress is on a rampage... 
And no one can stop her.

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Allison_Cram Allison_Cram May 25, 2017
For some reason I was reading this whole chapter like a poem..... it is really good
LexiHaden LexiHaden Jul 01, 2017
Love the art and the stroy spumds amazong I camt wait to read☺
AnnabellaConnor AnnabellaConnor Nov 02, 2017
Omg that's so cute!!love the drawing🤗wish I can draw like dat😂
lightningshoes lightningshoes Jul 20, 2016
I feel a little weirded out.  I'm using my phone and when I scrolled up to go to the next part it said therw was no more.  I was fine with that except for the fact that it said that it was last updated on December 31, 1969.  Great cover and intro though.  Totaly amazing