Lost in Minecraft (A Sky Media Fanfic)

Lost in Minecraft (A Sky Media Fanfic)

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Epicfireflies By EpicfirefliesForever Completed

Five people...

Summoned from the third dimension into the fourth...

Which is the dimension that is the base for the game that they know and love... Minecraft.

Read this story to see how they destroy an evil that they were destined to defeat, the one who will come back from Adam's dark past to haunt him.

Note: In this story, Adam had never married Alesa, but was good friends with her. Aphmau never had married Jason either. I respect any relationships that conflict with the ones in this story.

P.S: Any pictures used in this book DO NOT belong to me, unless I say otherwise in the chapter the picture is used. All credit goes to their original owners.

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EpicfirefliesForever EpicfirefliesForever Jul 20, 2016
Thanks! I will be sure to continue this book and put my heart and soul into it!  :D    *takes out heart and put it into book*  Oh dang it, I forgot I sold my soul to a demon.    ._.