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Elana By Broadway003 Completed

(Completed) When Alpha Jasper Travis fails to protect his pack from rogues, he is forced to join another pack as an omega, the weakest link. Penelope Ridge is the youngest daughter of a powerful alpha. What happens when she learns that her soulmate is someone she could never be with? He is an Omega.

#413 in Werewolf (2-27-17)

(The first book in the "Love's War Saga"!)

  • alpha
  • attack
  • forbbiden
  • love
  • mate
  • omega
  • rogues
  • romance
  • soulmate
  • werewolf
NoraIsTheBomb NoraIsTheBomb Oct 27, 2017
I keep forgetting my birthday, and the next day my family and friends will be like happy birthday and I'm just like that was yesterday 
                              Hate birthday
Missy_Hoot Missy_Hoot Sep 01, 2016
You aren't the only one somehow I managed to forget it was my b-day 3 years in a row, it wouldn't be until someone told me it was my birthday till I would actually get it
Krclem26 Krclem26 Feb 24, 2017
I don't understand birthday parties. It just like, "Yay! I'm older now! Let's celebrate!" Like you just getting closer to death, I don't see what's so exciting.
Missy_Hoot Missy_Hoot Sep 01, 2016
Why say thank you I thought you wanted to die...remember the voices?
Missy_Hoot Missy_Hoot Sep 01, 2016
You not weak, actually you should be stronger then majority of the pack, so you're not really the 'weak link' you just have a weak rank
XxlollythestriplerxX XxlollythestriplerxX Jan 05, 2017
When you cry because of this story and people around you assume its because the bus you are in smells like sh!t.