Voltron: Legendary Defenders X Reader Oneshots!

Voltron: Legendary Defenders X Reader Oneshots!

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Queen Sazzy By TeamLeo4Life Updated Feb 18

Yeah! If you're totally obsessed with these totally adorably and hilarious characters like I am, this is the book for you!

I guarantee you'll enjoy these. Cause I will/am writing them.

I just love them.

||Rules I Guess||

(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(E/C) = Eye Color
(H/L) = Hair Length
(F/C) = Fav Color
(F/F) = Fav Food

||End Of Rules I Guess||

I am officially doing Hunk X Readers and ya know.. Prince L'Oreal and his Dad with anger management issues.


Matt might get a oneshot someday also, when I have time of course! Cause that boy's so cute and hot at the same time?? (How???)

So, yeah. Bai!~

~Oh yeah, also you can request a oneshot by PM/Dm-ing me with the plot~

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(All rights go to Dreamworks, I do not own anything.)

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Leafninja134 Leafninja134 7 days ago
I-...I’m sorry what?*takes out thunder spear*Say that again I DARE YOU YOU COULDN’T HURT ME IF YOU HAD HADES HELPING YOU OUT BOY
Lidia385 Lidia385 Mar 16
I want Keith in me.
                              Sorry I'm nasty
                              But I do want Keith in me!
Lidia385 Lidia385 Mar 16
I want and ice cream scooper bayward! (Don't think I spelled it right)
Lidia385 Lidia385 Mar 16
I can just imagine the anime animation of Keith getting hit in the head with a shoe!
Lidia385 Lidia385 Mar 16
Ohhhhhhhhhh "protective older brother Lance" now I get it. I didnt read  the first one shot. I skipped right to the Keith X reader one.
That's happened to me once... Too much blood came to my face... It was great 😂😂😂