back in time

back in time

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Matatabi By yugito2tail Updated Sep 16, 2017

In this story you will see inojin shikadai cho-cho also with Himawari boruto and sarada back in time what will happen wgen they meet there sixteen year old parents or what happens when four othrs appear in their timeline

What if they can't get back before the war?
What if they have to witness tragedies in this war stricken unsafe time?
Is this all apart of a bigger scheme?
And what is so special about Himawari and sarada?

Wait for the bigger picture 
Because the more you think you know the less you actually do

Read and find out

  • asura
  • boruto
  • cho-cho
  • future
  • himawari
  • indra
  • inojin
  • kaguya
  • past
  • present
  • sarada
  • shikadai
  • timetravel
- - Jul 20, 2016
lol I like this so far but you should have just named it 'Back In Time' considering boruto sarada and himawari also joined in time travel no hate pls