pathetic. ➳ j.j.k

pathetic. ➳ j.j.k

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Kim taeyeon...a broken 16 year old girl that just wants to find happiness.She been abused by her father and mostly EVERYONE in her school..all she wants is to be..happy

Jeon Jungkook...a 17 year old boy.The bully, the one that bullied her.The one that made her happy.The one that made a stupid mistake..

A/N : Hello!This was my first ever story so sorrie it ain't really good..butt I hope you like it anyways! -cough cough- Probably not doe, It's crap xE

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OkamiSamy OkamiSamy Sep 16
Boi if u hate Teahyungs sister that alien will send u to the moon
I thought this said Kim taehyung was the brother of Kim taehyung and I was sitting there like da fuq
It's always Hana. That name if just alwyas the bishy name 😂 I'm excited to read
mrj9sone mrj9sone Aug 24
The fact that this is SNSD's Leader, my UB....Idk, makes me uncomfortable cuz I don't like ships. Still this looks good ^^
sparky7740 sparky7740 Feb 04
Why wouldn't they know taeyeon? Her brother is in bts, did he not introduce her?
Crazy?? I think I already know that. And who wouldn't hate a bitch like Hana?