The Tailed... Human? (Naruto Fanfiction/Kiba Romance - Being Rewritten)

The Tailed... Human? (Naruto Fanfiction/Kiba Romance - Being Rewritten)

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Weiss Schnee By Weiss_Schnee Completed

Step into the life of an abomination referred to as Subject 541 - frequently regarded as Orochimaru's personal pet. She's human, but feels far from it - her fox ears and tail sprouting after a series of experiments.

These experiments involved the Nine-Tailed fox's DNA, a strip of fur being extracted from the Nine-Tail when it was released upon the Hidden Leaf Village 13 years ago and injected into Subject 541's body.

She was found to be compatible with the fox's DNA, growing a tail almost instantly, the growth of eight more tails imminent. She's kept around as a warning to all test subjects... but what would happen if she were to find her way out?


I am now in the process of rewriting this story! Check out "Captive" for more of Kitsune, with HD descriptions and plot!

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Ok, ok, I got it no matter what you're gonna kill me, I gotcha bro. I understand.
I have one theory about Kiba.
                              If anyone knows about the Studio Ghiubli(I think Facts how you spell it),and if you know the film Princess Mononoke(I thin that's the name),the red marks on Kiba's cheeks,may have been an inspiration from that film,Princess Mononoke....Did anyone else realize that?
Oblivion168 Oblivion168 Oct 22
She will have a hard time with NAruto when she tells him that she doesn't like orange and maybe with Kurama as well.
the_Insomnia_queen the_Insomnia_queen Jul 10, 2016
Kinky! No, not with with Kabuto, probably someone hotter, like Itachi per se
- - Feb 20
It's gonna be like that one episode of assassination classroom
                              That includes me.. of course..
                              Making her so kinky shït I mean.