The Tailed... Human? (Naruto Fanfiction/Kiba Romance - Being Rewritten)

The Tailed... Human? (Naruto Fanfiction/Kiba Romance - Being Rewritten)

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Step into the life of an abomination referred to as Subject 541 - frequently regarded as Orochimaru's personal pet. She's human, but feels far from it - her fox ears and tail sprouting after a series of experiments.

These experiments involved the Nine-Tailed fox's DNA, a strip of fur being extracted from the Nine-Tail when it was released upon the Hidden Leaf Village 13 years ago and injected into Subject 541's body.

She was found to be compatible with the fox's DNA, growing a tail almost instantly, the growth of eight more tails imminent. She's kept around as a warning to all test subjects... but what would happen if she were to find her way out?


I am now in the process of rewriting this story! Check out "Captive" for more of Kitsune, with HD descriptions and plot!

Ok, ok, I got it no matter what you're gonna kill me, I gotcha bro. I understand.
JashinxSama JashinxSama Feb 07, 2016
I can be completely rest assured that my #1 character i just read about is going to die if she leaves your sight for one moment.
Arodiin Arodiin Apr 10, 2016
Can I please say our stories are very similar right off the bat? (This is a GREAT story by the way) It's a little odd. My character's subject number is 519, AND is a Kurama clone/son. I swear I've never seen this story till now but WOW! Great minds must think alike! ^^
the_Insomnia_queen the_Insomnia_queen Jul 10, 2016
Kinky! No, not with with Kabuto, probably someone hotter, like Itachi per se
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It's gonna be like that one episode of assassination classroom
                              That includes me.. of course..
                              Making her so kinky shït I mean.