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Might Just Die ↠ Sam Uley

Might Just Die ↠ Sam Uley

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pimp daddy sav By JustSav Updated 5 days ago

❝Didn't they tell you boy, not to mess with a monster? There may be a beauty to her rosy cheeks and full lips, but she has never been just flesh and blood for there are scales along her skin and the blood of mortal men stain her lips. She has never known light. If you would cut her open she would bleed iron and steel and she will eat you raw. She is not here to showcase her beauty.❞

      Eleanor Chang is the perfect example of a daughter from an Asian cultured family. Never has she made any mistakes, never has she tainted the family name. However that all went down the drain when she made the mistake of getting pregnant by her first boyfriend who didn't want anything to do with his former flame or his unborn child.

      Years later here she is with a beautiful daughter and a new home in Forks with her older brother. Things haven't been easy for her after practically being disowned by her parents, still it was her little girl who brought her to her feet. She is able to start anew in a town where no one will really judge her. 

      However it seemed as if judgement hits when 'cult leader' Sam Uley takes in interest in the Chinese-American. It's as if things didn't get any better when a supposed drug addict and teenage mother get together. They might not be the best pair in the world, but they will be the ones to bring each other onto their feet. 

      And for once maybe they'll feel love.

[ twilight new moon ; sam uley ]
All Rights Reserved | Copyrights Sav
Cover by Caitlin ( @illustration )

Her name is Victoria and is part of a south Korean girl group called f(x)
I think this is the one...
                              The fanfic I'm actually going to like
moontality moontality Oct 08, 2016
dbskbigbang dbskbigbang Sep 18, 2016
It's so good to see a story with an Asian lead! And this intro is already killing me 😭😭😩
kaishaku kaishaku Aug 28, 2016
thank you, love. this was a wonderful start! i can't wait to read more about eleanor's backstory and how she had thea, though i'm guessing it might not be a very happy memory.
embracediversity embracediversity Aug 28, 2016
I love Scott. He's such a sweetheart, and I'm just so excited for this story.