Ask/Dare The AUs Sans

Ask/Dare The AUs Sans

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Mation By Loveablebunny24 Updated Dec 29, 2016

This will be an ask/dare  thing that I'm doing so yeah this is going to be fun! This will have
Classic sans 
Blueberry sans 
Gaster sans 
Science sans 
Underfell sans 
Error sans 
Ink sans
Outertale sans
Geno sans 
Reaper sans 
GZtale sans
Sonatale sans

Btw I do not own any of these characters only one of them and you will see who that is I did not list him on top btw

I hope you enjoyed

Leilanirod Leilanirod 2 days ago
Anyone wanna check out my book? It's called: Ask/Dare Sans AU'S. Just saying. You don't have to if you don't want to
Actually since he is Taller than Blueberry, he is also taller than Error
Wow! The character design is actually very unique! It is also interesting how his eye changes. Great job on the art as well! :3
Okay I dare (not really a dare but its something) lust to be a part of the ask and dare group for 6 dares ( PS lust sans I all about sex ((sorry for the language)) and he is from under lust)
Katashi-Neko-lover Katashi-Neko-lover Jul 24, 2016
Ok I dare ink to stop killing error(and ink your not that short its Ok)