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Devin-哥 🌌 By GoldenHallelujah Updated Feb 22

"Protector, Dragonborne of Nivarze, I cry for thee. I am weak and in need of your aid. Fore I cannot carry on, or I shall fall. Hear my plea, aid me with your strength to fight my enemy and help fellow weakened. Cast your scale, bound to shield us, and your flame, set ablaze to the wicked. I call to thee by the Goddess's will that you come not too late. Please...... Save me!" my vision blurred and soon darkened as I lost all energy from the waves of pain coursing through my body.

However, as I fell I didn't hit the ground, but instead I fell into two arms bringing me off my feet and the air in my face as I then felt lifted.

When I came to it felt as if those same arms never let me go, but in fact held on tighter. I try freeing myself, but to no avail do I succeeded when they squeeze tighter by the minute. I built up some courage and decided to get a quick peek at my beholder, but ended up gawking at the most mesmerizing grey eyes glaring at me.

"I've finally came for you, Healer Desmond, and we shall never part ways again."

With the lump in my throat forbidding me to speak I breathed it down slowly before doing so. "U-um....... Is this another dream? Because whatever happened earlier felt so real! As if I was actually going to die, but then those words out of nowhere came from my mouth! What the hell was all that?! And where are we?! Where am I, exactly? And why happened to my voice?!"

The man chuckled. "I'll read you your life, Desmond, but after you've well rested. For now, let me just hold you."

"The hell is that supposed to mean?!"


And with the snap of his fingers I was knocked out like a light.

I thought I was already sleeping.

Lol that's a cute phrase! At first I thought she may have a lisp and was meaning to say $3.99
SaraFink SaraFink Aug 12, 2016
I love your story so far and really want to see what happens next. Also I love hikaru utada especially her song beautiful world
All this tech and he gives best props to the fridge. My kind of guy!!!
I'm already hooked and I love the african + asian american couple. They look just fine together ...
Very intriguing beginning ! The models are to die for ... hmmm ! Dajé .... Orri is fine !
Isn't he an adult? Either way it should have been his decision whether or not to take the he place :-/ but I understand the need for the plot I suppose