Mortals Meet Demigods (No mist)

Mortals Meet Demigods (No mist)

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The Stars M'lady By daughter_of_iris26 Updated Apr 23

Exactly what the title says, the mist is gone and demigods are slowly being revealed. Whether by choice, to protect someone or because the gods forced them to.

There will be a couple that have mist cause why not.

I'll try and update once every two or three weeks. It depends on how busy I am which right now is really busy. If it says I haven't updated in more than a month, comment so I'll remember to update.

Newa_Chan Newa_Chan May 15
But technically, he insulted a girl so..
                              Imma go tell Lady Artemis, Enjoy your last minuters of freedom!
LionessQOP LionessQOP Jul 13
DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH! Aphrodite! We have someone trying to break up Percabeth! Artemis! We have someone insulting girls! Zeus! We have someone lying about being your son! Demigods! We have someone calling you freaks! GET HIM!!!
*sharpens sword* What did you just call us demigods? You are gonna pay! 
                              *takes sword*  CAMP HALF BLOOD AND FANDOM!  ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!
... well, when everyone is talking about knifes swords and bombs and guns, i am sharpening my dragons teeth and my axe!
Knives? Who said anything about knives?
                              *Sharpens 6 foot trident  menacingly*