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Hated {Septiplier AU} ((SLOW UPDATES))

Hated {Septiplier AU} ((SLOW UPDATES))

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Blue_Boi By Blu_Bean Updated 3 days ago

Seàn McLoughlin was a sixteen-year-old transfer student from Ireland, moving to Cincinnati, Ohio for his mom's new job. Everything was fine until the first day of school came around. Seàn knew that he would be severally bullied for being gay, another reason why they had to move. He was bullied too much in Ireland. Seàn didn't know what else to do than believe everything that was said about him or to him.
    Seàn's mother neglects him, leaving him to deal with his problems, no one even bothering to care or help.
    Mark and his 'gang' of friends bully him every day. Everybody hates him. But, he did nothing wrong. He only wished to be loved by someone. He wished that he would be accepted, 

H A T E D.

I miss jacksepticeye, wearing his mom's hat. He doesn't wear it as much. As if he's worn it at all in a year.
I have less social skills than jack, this is literally how I introduce myself 'hey! My name is Raegan, but I prefer Rae, I have anger issues, am a sociopath, want to die, and have minor anxiety... WANNA BE FRIENDS?' EVERY. TIME. (And that's only if I don't stutter)
TrashySwirl TrashySwirl May 03
I don't know why but the description of the story made ME cry
No, you never, EVER do that on the first day of school (I know from experience😞)
Relatible. People call me gay. But I'm actually Pan. I'm just intrested more in the same gender.
HA ignore the pain. I'd like to see myself try. People say to ignore it, all the fuckin time. But they just can't understand. You're all alone. It's every person for themself.