A Letter To You

A Letter To You

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Rae By Rmellis Updated 4 days ago

This is book 2 to Eren's Messed Up Life.

Eren, now seventeen, is sent away to another Master. But that's not all. He know's these Master's and they are just there to use him. The Master's, being the disgusting - dirty people they are, allow Eren to do one thing which may just changed his life.

All because of a Letter.
This book will/may contain:
- Self harm - Suicidal thoughts - rape - blood and gore - Depression
I don't own any characters from 'Attack on Titan' but the story plot
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_canihaveyourpocky_ _canihaveyourpocky_ Aug 27, 2016
Ahhhhh I hope u update soon the first book was really amazing!
Ciel-Phantomhive123 Ciel-Phantomhive123 Aug 26, 2016
Dude I really don't care how long it is as long as it's you who's righting it 🙄
The first book was awesome, but so far, this one is amazing! I'm so glad I'm able to read it!