| Shattered heart |: Oikawa Tooru x reader

| Shattered heart |: Oikawa Tooru x reader

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Transferring to Aoba Jousai sounds like a decent thing since your childhood friend is attending there as a 3rd year too. You look forward to see your childhood friend because it's been ten years, but you guys have only been sending letters and have no idea of how each other look like. Hajime Iwaizumi is your childhood friend, but It seems that his childhood friend that you remember is Tooru Oikawa is there as well. You all probably only played with each other couple times before you moved away. 

Tooru Oikawa is now the setter of the Aoba Jousai volleyball team and has a lot of girls chasing him. You can say that he's handsome now. You only look forward to play the volleyball team and maybe spend some time with Hajime before high school end. 

Oikawa saw that you weren't the girls that  interest in chasing him, so he was bothered by that. 
Can he really steal your heart by the end high school or will it be you who's the one going to grab his first?

Who will be the one who fix the shattered heart? 

- I have a feeling that I might not even go with the plot of this description. Lol. 
Disclaimer of this anime or manga characters. Some lines from anime/manga maybe here. I can't even create a homemade cookie, so why would I be able to make this? Lol.  I may use some photos and those rightfully belong to their owner. I may only edit some.

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Touya_Rima Touya_Rima Jun 18
It makes me uncomfortable when Japanese names are written like this
What about other stuff like recieves and sets since we're a setter???
                              Also sorry for asking so many questions-
Not like there's anyone worth flirting with here anyways...
when you’ve been a setter for 6 years and you change to being a lib out of nowhere
Rhiannaisnoodles Rhiannaisnoodles Sep 02, 2017
I swear me and my friend kept mixing iwa and akasshi but they're never in the same place together
screamingloudly247 screamingloudly247 Apr 09, 2017
I used to mess them up too. Well, they both have to worry about two annoying children all the time