✿ Minecraft Diaries OneShots

✿ Minecraft Diaries OneShots

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❝ You Made Me Feel Beautiful When I Thought That I was Nothing ❞
               ━ 100 words never said.

Minecraft Diaries, Mystreet, and Phoenix Drop High oneshots, brought to you by the writers of The Phoenix Forces group! The book is filled with fluff-filled one shots, some being angst while others being simply cute. Each one shot made individually create by one of the group members.

➵ character disclaimer ;; @empress_aphmau
➵ some one shots may not be suitable for all ages. 
➵ no smut!
➵ we do take request.

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♚ writers : each writer in the group.
♡ updates : random

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FemaleOmega FemaleOmega Jul 09
God damn it I left the city and now I have to meet him again Laurance hun I love sebastain *black butler* so you can stop
                              Sorry wrong time? X3
Oh, if you still happen to be taking requests/suggestions, maybe a Travis x Luncida?
No I'm a ghost and I'm about to disappear. *goes to hot topic*
*Runs and cries* Stay strong Blanca *keeps crying* r-run through the painnn
LizzySamarocks LizzySamarocks 6 days ago
Well śhit what the hełł is wrong with me. I married an idiøt.🤦🏼‍♀️