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Pen Your Pride
Honey's twin sister

Honey's twin sister

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CPAnimeLover101 By CPAnimeLover101 Updated Nov 02, 2016

Hi my name is Koneko and I'm Mistukuni twin sister. 

Me And Mistukuni use to be as close as Hikaru and kaoru but me and him shared some words. We where both nine at the time when I over heard some information I wasn't suppose to hear about a murder. Most nine year olds would go tell there parent, well I did, but they didn't believe me. So I had to take matter in my own hands. I handle it very well, they weren't expecting and nine year old so taking them out was easy. What I didn't know that there where agents watching me. The agents so come by to request me to be on the SAA 
(silent assassin association) of course I said yes because I hoped that it would prove to my dad I wasn't some weak little princess. 

3 years past and America asked me to join the AOA (assassins of America) to help with a murder case. With me on the case we solved it in just a couple of weeks. They where so impress that they asked me to be in the AOU (assassins of union) it's the second most powerful position in all of the agency. So I said yes. I told my family and they where all proud of me. Except Mistukuni, he wasn't happy about me leaving. We both shared some words that caused both of us to cry, but in the end I did leave. Not know for how long I WOULD be gone, or how long I WANTED to be gone. But one question that remains 

Did we really mean what we said, and if not
                  Then why did we say it
           And how long will this goodbye

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