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the only bethany By wild_n_wicked Updated Oct 21, 2017

There's a new boy at school. He's dark, mysterious and the talk of the town. All of the pretty girls fling themselves at him, desperately trying to gain a reaction from his pretty face.

But he only has eyes for one girl. Anastasia. The quiet girl in the background. The odd girl. The girl who didn't understand what this handsome stranger was doing to her heart.

But as they get closer and closer, it eventually sends them both over the edge of madness into the swirling pits of insanity.

Can either of them cope?

*needs like major editing and it doesn't really make much sense I'm sorry I'm sorry*

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Really_Awkward_Human Really_Awkward_Human Dec 18, 2017
Its like at school in the lockerooms lost and found. You can find all sorts of things from bras to shoes and even pants
CanadianMapleLeaf CanadianMapleLeaf May 23, 2017
My first reaction: TOP O' THE MORNIN' TO YA LADDIES 
                              My second reaction: I'm gonna guess that they're Irish.
- - Apr 13, 2017
i really shouldn't be reading this because I have a  paper based off of allegories due tomorrow but I can't help myself from reading a good book
- - Apr 13, 2017
this is literally the  whole process for me getting out of bed in the morning
CanadianMapleLeaf CanadianMapleLeaf May 23, 2017
Me in the mornings: I don't wanna get up!
                              Alarm: you have to
                              Me: *starts flopping like a fish in attempt to get up*
xAshlee_Catex xAshlee_Catex Nov 30, 2016
Exactly what i ask myself each day while im watching a marathon of Lizzza videos and eating doritos..