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Crush X Reader Oneshots

Crush X Reader Oneshots

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TheXreaderFiles By TheXreaderFiles Completed

Girls, we both know that you have day-dreamed of you and your crush in multiple scenarios at least once in your life. Whether it be in the middle of a boring class, when you should be doing homework, when your mom is fussing at you to get off your phone or laptop(etc.) However, things in day-dreams don't always happen outside our head. So why not take a break from reality? Here are some oneshots written for you, about your crush.

NotAHooman NotAHooman May 07
You are my favorite person in the world... Harry Potter... Dr who... all the same fandoms
*Frog joins in*
                              Crickets: What are you doing here?
                              Frog: Well, Toad took my job at the comedy show
                              Crickets: We don't care, stop taking our job!
                              Frog: *Hops off* Rude bugs, I should've eaten them for snack
_Glyx_ _Glyx_ May 17
*breath hitches in throat*
                              TEMMIE FLAKES!
                              An original breakfast!
                              TEMMIE FLAKES!
                              It's so good you can't taste it!
                              TEMMIE FLAKES!
                              Don't forget to digest it!
                              Temmie Flakes in your mouth!
                              TeMmIE FlAKes
                              Part of a healthy breakfast.
Wow I feel left out.. I havent watched or read harry potter.. i guess I watched some clips but never fully though ;-; 
                              Welp, At least I've got something to do this summer now!
                              Dumbledore: *coughs* um we won cuz of Harry not cuz of u...
                              Me: oh cmon he didn't even do anything
                              D: he killed Voldemort...
                              Me: SERIOUSLY
Whoever you are that wrote this you must know I got so happy from this tiny part I sent it to my friend after my realization that the world might not go to the hell hounds.