Eternally Eighteen *Undergoing Editing*

Eternally Eighteen *Undergoing Editing*

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Rylee Cooper has been 18 for the past 63 years. Now, something you need to understand: this isn't considered abnormal in her reality. In fact, it's extremely common. This society was born with the ability to maintain their youth. However, the aging process continues after they've found their significant other. That way they can grow old together. Sure, it sounds like a fairytale; a dream come true. But when you've been sitting around in the same body for so many years, being eternally eighteen doesn't sound so enticing. 

Others are obsessed with the idea of being immortal. One person in particular is a killer. He's been murdering his soul mates over the years in order to maintain his youth. After taking a liking to Rylee, he plans on ending her life. 

Lyle Walker is Rylee's best friend, who has completely devoted his heart and love to her. Lyle is determined to keep Rylee safe from harm, but when the killer shows up for a fight, that task is deemed harder than he originally planned.

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Armanitive Armanitive Aug 18, 2016
Are any of them hot? I hate it when I go somewhere and no one is as attractive as me
The_Boss_Man The_Boss_Man Nov 01, 2016
What happens if someone's husband or wife die. Do they stay that age until they get remarried? Or do they keep living on?
TheWilliamBecker TheWilliamBecker Sep 18, 2016
Spelling error. I was really quite. You meant quiet I'm pretty sure
Armanitive Armanitive Aug 18, 2016
When she saw that old couple I was like "awh gawd no please stop" that really pulled at my heartstrings. And you have no grammar errors you go glen koko. Can't wait to read more hehehe
Armanitive Armanitive Aug 18, 2016
I don't believe there is someone out there that is 'meant' for me. I believe that one day I'll meet someone, befriend them as usual but then we will click on such a way that I fall in love with them
Kowaiichan Kowaiichan Jan 17, 2017
I really liked the way life in the story is expressed...😊