Rejection! Regret it now?

Rejection! Regret it now?

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Alexandra Hunter By AniChachkhiani7 Updated Nov 04

Ani's life was never easy. She got bullied at school, abused by her brother at home, and worst of all, no one seemed to care for her. Only her parents. 

It all started when she turned 16. She was over-joyed that she would find her mate. A mate that would care for her. A mate that will always stand by her side. A mate... A mate that will forever and ever protect her from the vicious world. 


"You? YOU! You can't be my mate! You pathetic little whore. Your not strong enough to be a luna. Your not even strong enough to STAND UP for yourself! And one more thing. Your fat and ugly so don't even dream of us being together" And with that he did the one thing I didn't expect. He hit me. So hard that it send me flying across the classroom. 

"I, Aden Strong, the son of alpha John, soon to be the alpha of the Sky Crew reject you as my mate." He said. Ouch. That hurt more than i realized.  What do i do now?


Ani decides that she had had enough. So she ran away. Ran away to with her bare legs could take her. 

What happens when she runs away?

Will she ever go back to the Sky Crew only to meet the one and only person she hates?

Will Aden  regret what he did?

Will Ani ever forgive Aden?

Read to find out


Guys, the first few chapters are shit but I promise to get better, so please don't diss this book.

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