Don't Miss ↣ Oliver Queen; Arrow

Don't Miss ↣ Oliver Queen; Arrow

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☞ Smart-Ass ☜ By Netherendpearl Completed

↣          What do you get when you take a twenty-three year old girl, add seventeen years of martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and competitive dance, sprinkle a bit of corruption into her, and finally add a (strikingly handsome) vigilante?

↣         Well, not only do you get a ridiculous schedule, you also get one sarcastic, smart ass, bad ass, intelligent, and may I say rather attractive, mercenary. 
                         Didn't expect that one, huh?

           ♔   July 22, 2016  -  October 26th, 2016   ♔

                   *Beautiful Cover By @jfcmaddie*

Okay I would never let her do this but...she's got a good plan!
                              I hope
I can relate with my crazy mind but I'm afraid of heights so no thank you!
Did you actually like study this specifically for this story or did you already know this?
I was thinking the exact same thing. Come on Roy ya could've came up with a better name than Terry
iibriii iibriii Jun 08
She reminds me of the girly kinda evil version of barry AND I LOVE IT!!!
-flamy -flamy May 04
First chapter and I already relate to the character too much