Justice Ebony (BWWM)

Justice Ebony (BWWM)

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K O R T N I By CupidsBFF Updated Jul 08, 2017

One thing that my momma always knew I was, is ambitious. I don't give up, I refuse to give up. Blessing and curse should I say. I want people to know the truth. Not just know it but take heed. 

I've always dreamed of marrying a white man. Not because I wanted kids with caramel skin and curly hair. But because I want to know that there are people other than blacks who believe in equality. Who believe that racial division is a fluke. Who believe that any size, shape, and color, we're all human. 

But at 20 years old, I never thought it would be this hard.

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Afrospunkee99 Afrospunkee99 Jul 25, 2017
Nah I ain't trying to understand because I already know. There's no excuse for it.🙂🙃
Afrospunkee99 Afrospunkee99 Jul 25, 2017
I will leave your dead body in the elevator stop playing before you become a victim...
hashtagpuppy hashtagpuppy Apr 12, 2017
please don't choose him i dont know about you but im more for white chochalte
Diamond101MiA Diamond101MiA Aug 14, 2017
It Truly is Upsetting, because when you see kids playing for the most part they just want to play with someone...It's NoT until someone teaches they to discriminate/hate that they see Color as a reason to not be Friends with someone.!.
fadesh fadesh Mar 28, 2017
The face I made reading that. Bruhh I'm going beat ur ass I don't care u the heck u are, u abt to catch these hands bruhh
WonderWolf24 WonderWolf24 Feb 22, 2017
Yes! This speaks so much to me since I am a black female Muslim. No one should be discrimitaed against because of the wrongdoings of a few others who happened to share the same color skin, the same religion, the same culture.