Bullied by mark ●completed○

Bullied by mark ●completed○

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Mariah *magcon and tlg last names* By mariahxxdallasxxtlg Completed

Bullied by Mark chapter one

*flash back two years ago*

You and mark are dating and your sitting on his bed and you stand up and he puts his hands around you and starts to kiss your neck and you stop him and say you wanna take it slow and he gets really mad and pushes you back on his bed and starts calling you a hoe and starts yelling at you and you go out his window and go home and that next day Jacob said to meet him in a location and you went there and mark and hunter came out of nowhere and started beating you and you say your 15 what did I do to you and mark stops and picks you up and picks you up by your shirt and says you were being a stubborn ass little bitch and he keeps hitting you and hunter does the same and ever since then mark would text you a location and you would have to go or the next day it would be two times worse and you would have to answer hunter and marks text messages in ten minutes or less or it'll be three times worse next time
*flash back over*

{in text}

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