The Book of Impossible Riddles

The Book of Impossible Riddles

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Cinder By Cinder221b Updated Jan 06

This is a book of the hardest riddles I can find. None of the riddles were made by me, and all of them will be EXTREMELY HARD!!!*

You have been warned.


*Well, most of them.

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Choices? Because if you have three options you have three options if you have two options you have two options but if you only have one then there is no choice cuz u can only chose one thing
echo1110 echo1110 Jun 08
Take the n in the beginning of none out and then you get this:
                              If you have three, you have three 
                              If you have two, you have two
                              If you have one, you have one
                              (See now it goes with the rest just repaid the none with one in other words take out the first n
LoraChase LoraChase Jul 05
Okay so go ahead and laugh at this answer but here I go...
                              Is it words?
Choices you can make different choices but all of them will lead to none
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