The Book of Impossible Riddles

The Book of Impossible Riddles

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Cinder By Cinder221b Updated Nov 24

This is a book of the hardest riddles I can find. None of the riddles were made by me, and all of them will be EXTREMELY HARD!!!*

You have been warned.


*Well, most of them.

Luneust Luneust Aug 24
One plus one equals two 
                              Two plus two equals four
                              Three plus three equals six
                              And your still a b!tch
Ahh. I get it!
                              If you have three choices, you have three that you can choose out of.
                              If you have two, you have two choices.
                              If you have one choice, you have none because there's only one choice.
noor0371 noor0371 Aug 22
A choice! Three choices, two choice, but if there's only one, it's not a choice anymore
Maybe its a choice? If you have three choices you have three to pick from. If you have two you have two to choose from. If you have one... You don't have any more choices. You are given a demand.
O3GM1P O3GM1P Sep 23
Friends, because when there's only one person that person is all alone
Pathways? If you have three pathways, you can choose three, two you can choose two, and if you have one, you can only go that certain way