YouTuber Preferences 2

YouTuber Preferences 2

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Scamander❤️ By marvelyoutubewwe Updated 6 days ago

YouTuber Preferences Book 2!!

•NateWantsToBattle {Nate}
•Jovenshire {Josh}
•Sohinki {Matt}
•LaserCorn {David}
•Flitz {Amra}
•WesTheEditor {Wes}
•Good Mythical Morning {Rhett & Link}
•TheDiamondMinecart {Dan}
•ThatcherJoe {Joe}
•IBallisticSquid {Squid}

Requests to add other YouTubers are always considered, but if I don't know them I hope you all understand that it'll be hard for me to make Preferences about them :/ Sorry.

UltHecox UltHecox Aug 21
He's the only reason i opened this book and Now I'm crying he makes me so Happy i love him
could you add maybe Dan and Phil ? you don't have to. just wondering
But I have gross brown eyes... But then again I would look ridiculous with any other eye color but hey I love standing out
                              I will sing any song that's stuck in my head, even though I have a terrible singing voice xD
This is the first time I've seen one of GMM! So cute, I'm squealing in joy!
SantaButLix SantaButLix Oct 08
I've done this in my school's cafeteria last week and surprisingly, even the high-schoolers joined in