mixtapes ♚ muke ✔️

mixtapes ♚ muke ✔️

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in which michael secretly leaves behind mixtapes for luke. 


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FiveAndFist FiveAndFist Feb 03
my boyfriend literally only listens to rap music and 5sos (if i show it to him)
I don't like Drake or rap, so I cringed a lot. Nothing against him, though.
littledickbitch littledickbitch May 26, 2017
The songs on the radio are okay 
                              bUT MY TASTE IN MUSIC IS YOUR FACE
hola3711 hola3711 Mar 26, 2017
Lukey is an average kid that no one understands Cal and Ash and Micky always giving him demands.
MidnightNoises MidnightNoises Jul 19, 2016
You're one of my favorite authors I'm so happy you're writing another story!!