One Year

One Year

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Stay close to me By Frozenheart10947 Updated Feb 10

Jack Frost only have a short period of time to live. He have this rare condition that makes his his age faster so his hair already white and makes it him pale but it he still looks like a 24 year old. He have a dying wish, to have someone to love him and treat him like a normal person like he wants a girlfriend but no girl will fall for a guy that is a old man.

Elsa Winters is a fashion designer. She doesn't have anytime for a boyfriend, she likes to stay single because she always see couples fight and it just disgusting when they kiss in public. One day, she got a call saying they would pay a lot of money if she does something. Will she be his girlfriend or will she refuse?
Will Jack have his dying wish or now. Will he be happy if he will get a girlfriend? 

Inspired by The Fault in Our Stars

  • anna
  • arendelle
  • doctors
  • dying
  • elsa
  • frozen
  • hiccup
  • jack
  • jelsa
  • kristoff
  • love
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  • rotg
  • sadsong
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FireDragon20 FireDragon20 Mar 09, 2017
Jack believe me if I was anybody in your world I will be your friend instead of a bully. Who cares about you being old you are amazing.
Bluejays067 Bluejays067 Oct 09, 2017
Hey what's taking so long with u updating this story its really awsome
ronniee16 ronniee16 Jul 19, 2016
I aready love this story! Btw you are mean i saw 3 of my favorite stories updated i was so happy en then it was about this book :( but i love the beginning though😊
ShenuC ShenuC Jul 19, 2016
Wait I'm confused he's 24 but he looks lik an old man, or does he have his regular white hair. AND YESS U FINALLY DID THIS BOOK😊😊😊
silly4pie silly4pie Nov 23, 2016
ok so I'm gonna go by guessing he looks like the Jack Frost with power from Rise of the Guardians. Or does he look older? I mean sure he's pale and he has gray hair, but couldn't he just say he died it like that? I don't really think that would make him lokk older.
CrazyGirl1352b CrazyGirl1352b Jul 19, 2016
I feel so bad for Jack! I think it's really messed up that Jack has to call his cane a 'Staff' just to make it less depressing for him! Love the book though! 😊