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erum khan By erumkhan1989 Updated Jun 26

Redemption is about so many people, so many emotions but at the end they all just need one thing; salvation and peace. We all do. right? But its hard when a hindu hurts a muslim and and muslim fights a hindu, things go complicated more than they ought to... Redemption and salvation goes to dust. No chance to forgive. No chance to let go.
  I wonder When will we all have peace among each other. I wonder when we'll learn to forgive and forget And I wonder when this world will become a happier place to live... I wonder.....
  Shehry said forgiving was easy and I should have let go...
  But it wasn't my plan. My plan was... revenge and blood.
  For me letting go wasn't easy. I could never forgive her____ Hussain. 
  Disclaimer: I am a person with very low IQ and almost no knowledge about stuff going on around me in this world, so yes, there are going to be blunders throughout the story but I just want to clear that I don't mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone no matter a Muslim or a Hindu or ANYONE, and I MEAN IT. If at any point you feel hurt or disrespected please forgive and forget. 
  Don't be Hussain. Don't plan revenge against me ;) 
  Warning: If you are too secular DON'T READ MY STORY. if you are too religious DON'T READ MY 
  STORY. if you hate hindu-muslim talks DON'T EVEN COME NEAR MY STORY. if you like fairy tales PLEASE BACK OFF. if you want a'....and they live happily ever after' DON'T EVEN THINK THAT AM A WRITER AND THIS IS SOME STORY. SHUT DOWN THE WINDOW. AND SLEEP
  Others can freely enjoy ;) 
  I wonder if even anyone left out there:-p
  Anyways you people have been WARNED so enjoy on your own risk 
  Hope to have a great time with all of you.

I couldn't read this book last time because of my exams but here I am again cause now I'm free from school!❤❤❤❤
Whoahhh! Hussain's angry character! I love it!❤🔥🔥🔥
Why am I getting a feelig that I'll ABSOLUTELY ENJOY THIS BOOK!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
DhoombrosFanfics DhoombrosFanfics Nov 06, 2016
Ooooooo that was kinda rude my friend. Now these are making me more keen to read this storyyy
Ilaibadhoomie Ilaibadhoomie Nov 22, 2016
Your stories always make me cry and feel the literal pain in my heart💔i really tried alot to keep myself away from your stories but i can't because they are tooo tooo good😍😭😭😍
Izai_dhoombros Izai_dhoombros Nov 06, 2016
Ah ik it:D sad ending :').anyway gonnaa read this storyy *_*