Miraculous ladybug ♔ One-Shots

Miraculous ladybug ♔ One-Shots

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“𝓞𝓷𝓵𝔂 𝔂𝓸𝓾” By _Dameloup_ Updated Mar 29

Title describes it all, 

❧Ships? Marichat, ladynoir, adrienette and maybe ladrien. 

                                         ✣ ✤✥

✣ I don't own any of these characters. I only own the plot and also the cover. (Characters belongs to hawkdaddy). 

✥ Daily or weekly updates, depends. Any of those though. 

Stared: 10/4/16

                                      ~  Nicki❃ ~

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Hannah_P875 Hannah_P875 May 07, 2017
*shown on a huge screen in the middle of New York*
                              (THE PEOPLE READ)
                              *THEY GO WILD*
                              People saying
                              Ha! U realized ur the idiot 
flessasEC flessasEC Aug 05, 2017
Chat you are an IDIOT! ONE OF DA MOST OBLIVIOUS PPL ON DA PLANET!!! Good luck killin yourself tho text me thedetails when you're done being a dense cinnamon roll😑
Yes you are stupider than Jupiter 
                              sorry to any one from Jupiter
*Gets her holy water, popcorn,and chocolate covered raisins* OK IM READY!!!
GraphicallyUnclear GraphicallyUnclear Nov 16, 2017
Guess who was the guy then.............................................................. YOU!!
GraphicallyUnclear GraphicallyUnclear Nov 16, 2017
Omg if you didn't say it, I would have never realised about the big jerk you are, a lovely and adorable jerk.