Just My Luck (COMPLETED)

Just My Luck (COMPLETED)

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Libra23 By Libra23 Completed

Remember when you wished upon a shooting star, closing your eyes tightly, crossing your fingers hoping that wish would come true?

Remember what it felt like when it didn't? 

Wishful thinking, huh

But what if

Just what if 

You encounter another shooting star!

Do you close your eyes, crossing your fingers just to make another or the same wish that may not come true? 

Or do you leave it up to Lady Luck and hope some how life sends you a blessing? 

Well this is the story when you ask yourself all those questions when the opportunity presents itself

Just My Luck...Starring

Chris Brown as Lucky Wright
Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty as Lady Dale

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  • fairytale
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  • happilyeverafter
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cumahhlott cumahhlott Jul 28
Baby Breezy, sooo cute.  I only remember the lisp and overbite but especially them juicy lips 馃構馃構 he's come a long way so proud of him 馃槡
Jan_26th Jan_26th Jul 19
'I gotta admit that you got my attentun' 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槀馃槀馃槀
kaicole_ kaicole_ Aug 10, 2016
This was the song a little boy sang to me when I was in elementary school KSNSHFBDB
jaisss_ jaisss_ Jul 26, 2016
Am I the only one trying to read this in what I would think is Chris teenage voice
--urbansoul --urbansoul Dec 03, 2016
I can't help but to read everything he says with a lisp馃槶 it's so cute
SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Jul 20, 2016
This is so good. Stop making my books look shitty 馃槶 you keep making new ones and they keep becoming my fave.