The Bloody Assassin (Kakashi's Daughter)

The Bloody Assassin (Kakashi's Daughter)

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You gotta love anime By Sabaku_no_Setsuko Completed

Yami Takedo had a rough life. She was abused, scarred, hated, and almost killed by her birth parents. Yami ran away one day and stumbled upon the infamous Zabuza Momochi and later added Haku Yuki to our little group. She was raised by Zabuza to become his own little assassin until she was ten. She then got kidnapped by a bunch of leaf ninja thinking they were saving her. One of those ninja were none other than Kakashi Hatake, the Copy Cat Ninja. 

Follow Yami throughout her life. Will she make friends? Will she find a love interest? Will she find Zabuza and Haku again? Or will things go downhill from there?

I do not own any of these characters except my OC and characters that I make up. Naruto is owned by the oh-so-wonderful Masashi Kishimoto.

OMG Zabuza smiled and it wasn't like a sadistic psychopath!